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Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort:
Built on over 2000 acres, this is the largest and most popular resort on the island of Curacao. When the King of Holland visits Curacao, this is where he stays! Beyond excellent accommodations in southwestern Curacao, Santa Barbara has all the amenities you would ever want. Golf, tennis, massage spa (Atabei Spa), private pools, private beachfront, excellent restaurants and more. Wi-fi in every room, mini-fridge, flat screen TV’s and excellent views at reasonable prices.

The only downsides are that the waterfront is sheltered by a bridge/dock which makes for smooth waters, but you are limited as to how far out you can go. This is great for kids, but avid snorkelers will have to leave the resort to get serious.

The resort is miles away from the nearest town, so privacy and security are a plus, but you will definitely need to rent a car to enjoy the rest of the island activities. However, if an escape from the rest of the world is your goal, the views, the cuisine, and the accommodations are tip top. Lastly, the staff at Santa Barbara are wonderful. Disfruta!