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A Vacation to Curacao is one full of History & Adventure

Shete Boka National Park in Curacao
Curacao or “Korsou” (in the native Papiamento) is the most indigenous populous and cosmopolitan of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, & Curacao) in the Dutch Antilles. Curacao is right in the middle and it is a cultural enthusiast’s dream and a language lover’s paradise. It is owned by the Dutch, but locally controlled. The people of Curacao are wonderful and very proud of their country. When you visit, it only gets better and if you come once, you are going to want to come again and again!


With nearly 40 beaches, colorful picturesque architectures, friendly people, delicious Caribbean cuisine and a vibrant and diverse culture, the island of Curacao is the perfect destination for anyone and every family.

Here are our top 3 for swimming & Snorkeling:

Playa Kenepa Grandi (Knip Beach): It’s ideal for swimming and sunbathing surrounded by beautiful views. Located on the western side of the island. Locals love this beach

Cas Abao: white sandy beach, crystal clear waters, waving palm trees and many parasols. Its reefs are perfect for snorkelers and divers. Located on the western side of Curacao.

Klein Curacao: To make it to this beach, you will need to make a boat trip as it is about 15 miles away from the coast of Curacao on a deserted island. It is one of the most spectacular and picturesque beaches in the world.

Curacao is full of water adventures as well. Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities on the island. Underwater caves are breathtaking and highly recommeneded is one called the Blue Room. The turquoise blue waters are eye-dropping and not to be missed when visiting.


When visiting Curacao, be aware that 4 languages are fluently spoken here by the locals. English, Dutch, Spanish, & the local language only spoken in the ABC islands, Papiamento. Locals are taught all 4 in school.

Some common Papiament words are: Dushi, which means sweetheart and is used as a term of endearment or if something is really nice, or if you forget someone’s name. Masha Danki means “thank you very much”. The locals here are so “Dushi” and helpful that you will find yourself saying “masha danki” a lot.

Cuisine in Curacao is a sea food lovers dream come true with red snapper being probably the #1 fish of choice if not the most common. We recommend having it with plantains, cornmeal and papas (potatoes)


Need to party and dance? Curacao is a music festival almost every night. For night life, you cant go wrong with the Iron and glass nightclub, Tu Tu Tango. This nightclub is close to the islands capitol, Willemstad. Here you will find Dutch women in European attire, high-heeled Spanish and local ladies in tight sexy dresses, and well dressed men from all over the world dancing the night away. Plenty of smiles to go around as sounds from Puerto Rico, Brazil, and the United States rock the speakers.

The music, the food, the people. Wow! You can’t go wrong. It’s truly a Caribbean paradise day or night!

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