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Curacao Vacation: Top 5 Reasons to visit Curacao ASAP!

1) The Warm Water & Incredible Beaches
There are about 20 beaches in Curacao scattered throughout the island. From the white sands of Santa Barbara Beach great for sunbathing to the coarse sands of Caracasbaai which is a snorkelers paradise, there is something for everyone. The water temperatures are warm all year round and vary between 77 and 85 degrees regardless of the month you choose to visit. Activities on the beaches vary much more than the water temperatures however. Cliff jumping, snorkeling, jet skiing, water boarding, and of course excellent swimming are yours every day of the year.

The clear blue waters allow for world class snorkeling and the island has plenty of sea life below the surface to keep any marine lover happy all vacation long. Swimming with turtles can be done at many of the beaches but in particular, Klein Curacao may be the best the island has to offer. A 2 hour charter is required to get here as the island is about 8 miles off the coast, but once you have arrived, the crystal clear waters offer some of the best snorkeling and abundant marine life in the world.

Entertainment & Shopping? Jan Thiel Beach is your destination. Jan Thiel has a little bit of everything, but is especially known for its safety, excellent shopping, and weekend fiesta! The parties on the weekend are fantastic for every age group and for those that like to “Roll The Dice”, there is the Diamond Beach Casino for your gambling pleasure.

Many of the beaches in Curacao have hours of operation and some are privately owned. The views are breathtaking and well worth checking out. Make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, because it rarely rains on the island. Less than 10 inches per year. Yes, the beaches are incredible here!

2) Friendly People and Culture
The people of Curacao and their rich culture is nothing short of Amazing. The history of the island is as unique as the local language spoken (Papiamentu) itself. In fact, 4 languages are spoken fluently by most residents. Papiamentu, English, Dutch, and Spanish are all part of the mix in Curacao. Afro-Caribbeans are the majority of the residents as a result of the historic slave trade that ran through Willemstad throughout the 1800’s by the Dutch.

The European influence, however is to be seen and enjoyed throughout the island as well. This melting pot continues with over 50 nationalities making up the islands inhabitants. The historic sites, museums, and churches are just the beginning of the culture tour. The daily fruit and vegetable ships from Venezuela delivering delicious food are also a “not to be missed” experience.


3) Incredible Cuisine
With the incredible diverse culture it is not hard to imagine incredible foods and a boat load of restaurants to choose from. If you are a fish lover, you simply can’t beat Curacao for both fish and shellfish alike. The Red Snapper is off the chain as is the Herring. Piska Ku Funchi is a Red Snapper dish served downtown in many restaurants and if you like Red Snapper, you simply will love this dish. Both Dutch and Caribbean cultures have managed to form a delicious seafood collision for every mouth to enjoy.

On the dutch side of the menu, you may want to try Kibbeling. It is a deep fried and battered white fish, (usually cod) that is similar to “Fish & Chips” in the United states. In Willemsted, you can try this as an appetizer at Fishalicious.

Throughout Curacao, you will see BBQ pits and mobile trailers serving incredible pork, steak, and chicken with potatoes, beans, and rice. The food is not super spicy, but there is always a lot of condiments to do as you please. The portions are always generous and everything is made to order.

If you do choose to sit down, bring your patience with you. The island is a little laid back and you will wait a little longer than in the U.S., but it is well worth it… And hey… You are in paradise.

The beverages are delicious as well. The juices are usually freshly squeezed and you will find the variety to be spectacular. Definitely pack your appetite next to the suntan lotion!

4) Lots of Activities
There is no shortage of “things to do” in Curacao! First on the agenda has got to be snorkeling. People travel from all over the world for the warm waters and incredible marine life. The lack of dangerous sharks also makes these waters super friendly. The waters are simply to warm for the great white’s so their loss, our benefit.

The jet skiing and boating are also fun all year round. Sports fishing with guides and boat rentals are all options depending on budgets and expertise. The types of fish you can catch vary from Tuna and Barracuda to Marlin and Mahi Mahi. No need to pack your poles as most charters have everything included. Normal rates are usually about $100 per person for 1/2 day trip, so the pricing is very reasonable. Be sure to tip your guides as that is how most of the locals make their money. Works out good, because they are working hard for you to have the best time possible.

How about hiking, sightseeing, and even off road excursions? You bet! There is no end to the adventures in Curacao. Check with your Curacao resorts vacation specialist for a list of activities. The best resorts in Curacao will have all the best recommendations for you and may even reserve your activity for you.

5) Affordable & Ease
Lastly, for a great vacation to be truly great, it can’t break the bank. Curacao is a destination that is not expensive to get to.A round trip ticket from anywhere on the east coast can be purchased for less than $500 and with enough advance notice, as little as $350. The airport in Curacao is small and accessible both in and out. The flight from Miami is only 2.5 hours long and before you know it, you are in a tropical paradise.

Lodging on the island can vary, but depending on your desire for luxury, you can be spoiled for about $350-$500 per night either on or right near your favorite beach. Remote beaches and parts of the islands have less luxurious accommodations for less, but our recommendation is stay in populated areas like Jan Thiel and Papagayo for security purposes. Special packages for longer stays are often available. The island is small, so renting a car is not a must, but if you do, car rentals for as low as $35 per day are not hard to obtain.

You simply can’t go wrong in Curacao. This article is about the top 5 reasons to visit Curacao, but the smile you will have on your face when you arrive will top them all. Start packing your bag today!

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