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Villa Royale FAQ’s

Curacao Sea Aquarium and Dolphin Academy
Is there a minimum stay at the Villa Royale? – We prefer a minimum of 7 nights unless special arrangements are made.

How many guests max? – 8 persons per villa

Do you allow pets? – Due to the quality of our villas, we cannot allow pets.

Are their discounts for longer stays? Stays that exceed for a month or longer have discounted rates available.

What time is check-in? 4:00PM

Do I need to bring my own toiletries? We happily provide shampoo, conditioner, & shower gel

Is smoking allowed? We ask all guests to please smoke outside. All of the private resorts have plenty of open spaces.

Do I need to leave a damage or cleaning deposit when i book? 500 euro deposit is standard

What is needed at the time of booking? Your passport and payment information to reserve your stay

What time of year is the least expensive to visit (low season)? Non American and European Holidays

What time of year is the most expensive (high season)? Christmas season

What is the minimum age to rent a resort or home from Villa Royale? 21

Curacao FAQ’s

Where is Curacao located? We are located in the Caribbean, one island over from Aruba. We are about 30 miles north of the coast of Venezuela.

Is Curacao owned by the Dutch? Curacao is a constituent country which is part of the “Koninkrijk der Nederlanden”

Is a VISA needed to visit Curacao? no, for USA and Canada citizens

What is the capital of Curacao? Willemstad

Is it easy to find my way around Curacao? Very easy. The island is quite small. It would take about 2 hours to drive all the way around it.

Green Sea Turtle Chelonia mydas , Klein Curacao
Are there any historical landmarks in Curacao? Handelskade Willemstad is listed on the Unesco World Heritage List

Are vaccinations needed before travelling to Curacao? No. It is recommended you bring or purchase insect repellent if you are sensitive to mosquitoes

Is U.S currency accepted in Curacao? Yes

When is the best time to travel to Curacao? Curacao is beautiful all year round. The temperature is between 75-85 365 days per year with very little rain.

Is there a hurricane season in Curacao? When is it? Fortunately, we are outside the hurricane belt. Storms in Curacao are rare.

What is the easiest form of transportation in Curacao? car rental. We are more than happy to help arrange for you.

Is tap water drinkable in Curacao? We have excellent water in Curacao. Its very good quality and safe to drink right from the tap.

How safe is Curacao? Very safe, especially on our side of the Island. We have security 24/7 patrolling beaches. Its amazing.

How is the nightlife in Curacao? Incredible nightlife almost every night of the week. There is always a beach or club with activity after dark.

What activities are there to do in Curacao? Beautiful beaches, snorkeling, diving, biking, hiking, surfing, sailing, fishing, etc.

Any activities for kids to do in Curacao? waterpark, amusement center, beaches, sea aqurium with shows, ostrich farms and more

What languages are spoken in Curacao? Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamentu

Should I bring any special adapters to Curacao? It is not necessary, we have both US ports and European ports

Is tipping culturally accepted in Curacao? Yes and very much appreciated

What is the #1 thing as a 1st time visitor that you recommend i MUST do or go see? Willemstad world heritage, beautiful beaches at Bandabou and Jan Thiel beach area

What is Papagayo? Papagayo is a beach resort and hotel. There is plenty of information about this online.