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How safe is Curacao for Tourists?

security tips to travel safely
Curacao is known to be an autonomous territory in the Netherlands Antilles island group with residents of the Dutch origin. It happens to have a large number of tourists each year from different countries, all over the world probably because of the sunny skies, blissful beaches, and tropical scenery. Although Curacao sounds like an amazing place to visit over the holidays and vacation months, how safe is it for tourists? Well, tourists should consider several things in their travel plans before setting off to their destination. Here are a few things you should know before traveling to Curacao.

Safety and Security

Security happens to be the top priority for anyone who wants to enjoy the most out of their next vacation. Most visits to Curacao might be trouble-free, but the major issues of concern lie in street crime and petty theft. This usually happens among the members of the illegal drugs society.

The good news is that this rarely affects tourists because the main tourist attractions are known to be safe and secure from any dangers. However, it is always important to take proper precautions to avoid any problem that might deter you from having a good experience away from home.

Never leave your bags unattended, and always avoid remote areas during late hours. Never accept to carry a package for anyone under any circumstance, as it may be a set up to carry drugs unknowingly. Nevertheless, the Dutch authorities screen all passengers and baggage to ensure maximum security. As long as you are cautious and try sticking to tourist areas, you will always be safe at Curacao.

The Safety of Local Travel and Air Travel

The main road conditions in Curacao are relatively good and traffic always drives on the right-hand side. However, the roads may tend to be slippery when wet which means you need to drive at a slower speed in such times. When taking a taxi, it is always important to negotiate the price and checking whether it is registered before taking the ride. It came to our attention that most taxis in Curacao do not have meters. In regards to air travel, most airlines to Curacao meet the recommended practices and operational safety standards of the International Air Transport Association.

Climatic Conditions

Curacao enjoys an exceptional climate, despite the fact that it is situated to the south of the hurricane belt. Annual rainfall amounts to 22 inches and the average temperature is about 81 degrees Fahrenheit. This island has an arid climate, which means that mosquito-borne tropical diseases do not affect residents and tourists. Water is sourced from a modern desalination plant, which makes it safe to drink and use.

What to expect during a stay in Curacao

Although Dutch is their official language, most Curacao locals do speak other languages such as English, Papiamentu, and Spanish. They accept the U.S. dollar and credit cards like any other country but Netherlands Antilles guilder is their official currency. People from Curacao are friendly to tourists who visit the island from different parts of the world. U.S citizens who are staying up to 90 days will not need a visa to prove their identity; they will only be required to provide their passport. You can always interact with the locals using common languages such as English or Spanish if you do not speak Dutch.

Generally, most of these tourist attractions provide peace of mind and an awesome experience to bring back home after your vacation. The tourist guides are friendly and are always available when you need their services. Curacao has the highest number of museums compared to other Caribbean islands. The Curacao Maritime Museum has a nautical history of more than 500 years while Museum Kura Hulanda is comprised of fertility dolls and fossils.

You can always interact with the peaceful dolphins and other marine life at Curacao Seaquarium. This is mostly done through diving, touch tanks, and feeding opportunities. You will have a chance to see the massive stalactites in Hato Caves and one of the largest ostrich breeding facilities in Curacao Ostrich farm. A hike through the Christoffel National Park will give you a perfect view of exotic wildlife in their natural habitats.

There are many reasons behind Curacao’s high number of tourists every year. The island is trouble-free, as long as you take the necessary precautions. It has become popular for most tourist visits because of its historical attractions, beautiful art and culture, blissful beaches and tropical scenery. You should have an incredible and enjoyable stay at Curacao since very few cases about tourist safety and security have been reported.

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