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7 Reasons why a Romantic Planned Vacation to Curacao is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Loved One

Valentine’s is a special day that should be celebrated in an outstanding way. You will create wonderful memories for you and your loved one, if you book a romantic getaway to Curacao. If you are not sure why you should do this, the information in this article will offer you with reasons why a vacation to Curacao makes a fantastic Valentine’s Day Gift for those you care about. Romantic Walks Around Willemstad Hold hands with your loved one and get ready to have a superb…

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What to Put on Your Itinerary While Visiting the Beautiful Island of Curacao

In the Southern Caribbean, lies a beautiful island that has grown to become a major tourist attraction, especially for American and Dutch holidaymakers – Curacao. This is not just happening by chance, as there are numerous ways to make your vacation memorable in this island. This article provides you with valuable information on what things to put in your itinerary while visiting Curacao. The information provided aims at helping you enjoy the best that this island has to offer, from a cultural, gastronomical, and natural…

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Why is Snorkeling Popular in Curacao?

Curacao is well renowned for its gorgeous beaches, clear emerald water, and beautiful underwater life. As a result, snorkeling has increased in popularity making Curacao one of the best destinations when going for a vacation or a holiday. Its reef proximity to the shore, underwater landscapes and density of sea life are some of the most intriguing features of this beautiful island. You can expect to find several calm snorkeling spots since Curacao is protected from trade winds and open exposure. In this article, we…

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Curacao besides the Beautiful Beaches

It is quite surprising that the economy of Curacao does not entirely rely on tourism. Most probably, you might have heard all the fancy stories about people having fun at the beaches and enjoying the cool breeze from the ocean. There are many reasons to visit Curacao besides the beautiful beaches. If you want an authentic island experience, you will be convinced with what Curacao has to offer since there are many things to explore on the island. If you are planning to travel to…

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The Beautiful Languages Spoken in Curacao – There are 4

If you have never been to Curacao or you are planning to visit any time soon, you might probably be wondering the language used by the people in this beautiful island. The language used in communication is very important especially when you are traveling to a new place or you will be spending time there for quite a while. Language is a widely diversified part of Curacao’s culture. Most of the locals are able to speak at least three different languages. However, a majority can…

snorkeling in curacao

Why Snorkeling in Curacao is so popular

Curacao is a home to a rainbow of marine life characterized by beautiful gardens of delicate corals you expect to see when snorkeling. Its density of sea life and diversity sets it apart from other Caribbean destinations. You will also be intrigued by its reef proximity to shore and many underwater landscapes. The massive coral formations portray the island’s volcanic beginnings, as they extend into the depths with deep-water fish that tend to patrol the plunging walls. There is definitely a lot to see at…

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How safe is Curacao for Tourists?

Curacao is known to be an autonomous territory in the Netherlands Antilles island group with residents of the Dutch origin. It happens to have a large number of tourists each year from different countries, all over the world probably because of the sunny skies, blissful beaches, and tropical scenery. Although Curacao sounds like an amazing place to visit over the holidays and vacation months, how safe is it for tourists? Well, tourists should consider several things in their travel plans before setting off to their…

Shete Boka National Park in Curacao

A Vacation to Curacao is one full of History & Adventure

Curacao or “Korsou” (in the native Papiamento) is the most indigenous populous and cosmopolitan of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, & Curacao) in the Dutch Antilles. Curacao is right in the middle and it is a cultural enthusiast’s dream and a language lover’s paradise. It is owned by the Dutch, but locally controlled. The people of Curacao are wonderful and very proud of their country. When you visit, it only gets better and if you come once, you are going to want to come again…

Jan Thiel Beach Curacao

Jan Thiel Beach Curacao – Top 7 reasons You will Love it!

А bеасh wеll-dеvеlореd іn stуlе buіlt uр wіth аll thе еssеntіаls аnd nоn-еssеntіаls fоr а fun dау оn thе bеасh, Јаn Тhіеl Веасh іs аlwауs busу wіth tоurіsts lоungіng, раrtісіраtіng іn wаtеrsроrts, аnd еnјоу thе dіnіng орроrtunіtіеs. Positioned in Jan Thiel, this beach is on the Southeast edge of Curacao. You should consider dropping by even if you aren’t staying in the vicinity as here are seven top reasons you will love it at Jan Thiel Beach Curacao. 1. Costs at Jan Thiel beach are…

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Jan Thiel Beach – So much to do…Dont miss out!

The island of Сurасао іs а lоng, аrіd, аnd gеnеrаllу flаt іslаnd, strеtсhіng sоmе 40 mіlеs (64 km) frоm sоuthеаst tо nоrthwеst, аt muсh thе sаmе nоrth-sоuth аnglеs аs іt’s sіstеr іslаnds іn thе АВС grоuр (Аrubа tо thе wеst аnd Воnаіrе tо thе еаst). Тhеrе аrе аррrохіmаtеlу 38 bеасhеs іn thіs аrеа. Јаn thіеl bеасh іs оnе оf thе реrfесt sроts tо hіt thе summеr sun. Тhе rеsоrts аrе sсаttеrеd аll оvеr thе bеасhfrоnt аnd thе vісіnіtу gіvеs уоu а раrаdіsе аttrасtіоn аnd rеlахіng…


Curacao Vacation: Top 5 Reasons to visit Curacao ASAP!

1) The Warm Water & Incredible Beaches There are about 20 beaches in Curacao scattered throughout the island. From the white sands of Santa Barbara Beach great for sunbathing to the coarse sands of Caracasbaai which is a snorkelers paradise, there is something for everyone. The water temperatures are warm all year round and vary between 77 and 85 degrees regardless of the month you choose to visit. Activities on the beaches vary much more than the water temperatures however. Cliff jumping, snorkeling, jet skiing,…