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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Curacao besides the Beautiful Beaches

It is quite surprising that the economy of Curacao does not entirely rely on tourism. Most probably, you might have heard all the fancy stories about people having fun at the beaches and enjoying the cool breeze from the ocean. There are many reasons to visit Curacao besides the beautiful beaches. If you want an authentic island experience, you will be convinced with what Curacao has to offer since there are many things to explore on the island. If you are planning to travel to Curacao for your long holidays, here are the top 5 reasons to visit this beautiful island besides the beautiful beaches.

1. Diverse Culture

If you are a seasoned traveler, you will find it fun and a little mind twisting trying to communicate Papiamentu, the official language used by the locals. They will definitely appreciate your efforts for trying to speak their language as you learn more about their culture. In addition to this, many people love Curacao for its diverse cultural heritage. Its close proximity to South America and its varied history has made Curacao to have the most multifaceted cultures in the Caribbean. It is common to hear the locals switching between languages as they can speak English, Dutch, Spanish, and Papiamentu. The diverse cultural influences can also be seen in their country’s music and other activities on the island.

2. The Artsy Side of the Island

Curacao should probably be in your radar when you think of street art. You will be greeted with colorful and amazing murals sprawl across the Willemstad’s buildings. This is particularly in the neighborhoods of Pietermaai and Otrobanda, which offer incredible food and the coolest avenues for enjoying the nightlife. Some of the artistic designs include political commentary, realistic portraits, and geometric shapes. A number of galleries and museums also feature Curacao’s art scene. Nena Sanchez’s downtown gallery displays a colorful print while Serena’s Art Factory tells a great story about the Chichi figurine. The Gallery Alma Blou in Willemstad harbors the largest collection of artworks done by the most talented artists in Curacao.

3. History

The vibrant buildings in Curacao have a long historical background based on the island’s tale. The buildings were built narrow to accommodate the little space in the island and the building taxes that were charged at that time. Currently, there are many narrow and brightly colored buildings made by plaster crafted from sand and shells. The building in the western hemisphere is one of the oldest surviving synagogues building in Curacao. It is used as a place of worship, having been constructed in 1692 and reconstructed in 1732. Kura Hulanda is a home to a collection of restored historic buildings. There is much to learn about the history in Curacao since many efforts have been done to ensure the cultural identity of the people is well preserved.

4. National Parks

Christoffel Park is one of the largest national parks on the island. Whether you are looking for some thrilling adventure or you want to burn off some energy, then this is the perfect place for you. Get to enjoy incredible off-road activities in the buggies, ATVs, or 4WDs. There are eight available trails for exploration with varying difficulties that can be completed without a guide. You can also book different informational tours if you want some little guidance on your trip. These include a history tour, a bird watching excursion or off-road racing. Visit the Shete Boka National park to get a sense of nature’s power. You will get a chance to walk through the wide volcanic landscape, to a spectacular coastline further in the horizon.

5. Curacao Foods and Cuisine

The Floating Market in Curacao provides plenty of fresh vegetables and tropical fruits from Venezuela. The locals gather to share delicacies at a nearby pavilion during breakfast and lunch. Get to enjoy the tasty foods offered by the best restaurants in Curacao. The foods on this island are known to be diverse just like their language. Keshi Yena is one of the dishes of Dutch-influence. It is a local specialty of chicken and prunes with stuffed cheese.

Curacao is an island that sets itself apart from other neighboring tourist hubs such as Aruba because of its diverse culture, language, and history. The above are some of the reasons to visit Curacao besides the beautiful beaches of the island. Have fun at the National Parks while enjoying the best Curacao foods as you interact with the locals by learning their history and the artsy side of the island.

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