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7 Reasons why a Romantic Planned Vacation to Curacao is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Loved One

Valentine’s is a special day that should be celebrated in an outstanding way. You will create wonderful memories for you and your loved one, if you book a romantic getaway to Curacao. If you are not sure why you should do this, the information in this article will offer you with reasons why a vacation to Curacao makes a fantastic Valentine’s Day Gift for those you care about.

  1. Romantic Walks Around Willemstad

Hold hands with your loved one and get ready to have a superb day in the Caribbean’s most romantic capital, Willemstad. One thing that you will surely find interesting here is the variety of colors painted on different buildings. Most of these buildings are national monuments, the main reason why Willemstad is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This simply means that there is a lot for you and your loved to see and indulge in. For instance, you could consider visiting different shops, cafes, and galleries or walking through the narrow streets of Punda’s historic district. You could also visit the floating market and try some local fruits. If both of you love learning about history and art, there are many Museums, such as the Jewish Cultural Historical Museum, and Maritime Museum, that you could pay a visit. While exploring, you will come across a variety of lunch and dinner opportunities. Be sure to try out the local cuisine.

  1. Sun Set Watching for Couples

The shape and location of Curacao provides you with the chance to watch the beautiful sunset from numerous spots on the island. If you are on the Western side of Curacao, you will be able to watch the sunset from any place. Nevertheless, there are places that are more beautiful. One such location is the Avila Beach. While here, you and your loved one will have a great place to relax, and enjoy fantastic food in the nearby hotels while enjoying a breathtaking sunset.

  1. Go Hiking at Mount Christoffel

If you are the active type, hiking Mount Christoffel is a must-do activity. You can do either the long hike or the short one, depending on your current physical ability. You should start early to avoid the heat and be sure to bring enough water. When back, you can enjoy lunch at Trio Penotti, which is next to the park’s entrance. To relieve muscle tension after the hike, make sure to get a romantic couples’ massage. There are many spots that offer this service such as 8 The Experience.

  1. An Inexpensive Getaway

If you want to travel to Curacao this Valentine’s, it is good to note that your vacation does not have to be expensive. Round-trip flight rates are average while hotel nightly prices are relatively inexpensive. Vacation rentals and transport are both easy to come by on this island. Food is another thing that you do not have to break the bank to get.

  1. Cool Beaches – A Romantic Afternoon at Cas Abou Beach

If you and your loved one love water, be sure to pack swimsuits, snorkels, and beach towels for a relaxing afternoon at the Cas Abou Beach. This place is one of the best romantic beaches for couples because it has sandy beaches, waving palm trees, clear water, and many parasols. Cas Abou is a breathtaking place for couples that are not only swimmers, but also scuba divers and snorkelers. If you will be in this beach on a Saturday afternoon, be sure to stay until 4:00pm to get a chance to learn some Caribbean dance moves from the locals.

  1. Great Food

Food plays a critical role in strengthening relationships. Curacao has amazing food, influenced by locals and the Dutch. The combination of these two cultures brings out a cuisine fusion that is out of this world. The official Curacao dish is keshi yena, which is spiced meat mixed with cheese, prunes, picked onions, and olives. This meal is a must-have while in Curacao.

  1. Fantastic Nightlife

Any night of the week, you will find some form of nightlife in Curacao. If you and your loved one are into this, then nightlife is one of the best activity to do in Curacao. Annual activities such as King’s Day and Carnival bring most fun.

Curacao sits below the hurricane belt, which makes it an appealing vacation destination for travelers. Many people love Curacao’s multicultural historic background, underwater nature, beautiful beaches, and colorful Willemstad capital. All these make it a great destination for couples looking to have a great time this Valentine’s Day.

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