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What to Put on Your Itinerary While Visiting the Beautiful Island of Curacao

In the Southern Caribbean, lies a beautiful island that has grown to become a major tourist attraction, especially for American and Dutch holidaymakers – Curacao. This is not just happening by chance, as there are numerous ways to make your vacation memorable in this island. This article provides you with valuable information on what things to put in your itinerary while visiting Curacao. The information provided aims at helping you enjoy the best that this island has to offer, from a cultural, gastronomical, and natural perspective.

Visit the Porto Mari Beach

Three major things could have probably attracted you to Curacao – sea, beach, and sun. Having this in mind, you cannot fail to visit the Porto Mari Beach while in Curacao. This beach is located 30 minutes from Willemstad and on the northwestern side of the island. Apart from providing a great place to relax, the clear waters offer incredible swimming and snorkeling opportunities. If you want more out of your visit, consider renting scuba diving gear and go explore the underwater world. If you feel dehydrated while at the beach, there are many bars that offer your favorite cold drinks and some good food.

On your way back from Porto Mari, you are likely to come across a salt plane, where flamingos hang out. There should be a viewing deck for this purpose. You might also be interested in checking out the slave monument, which was built in memory of the slave revolt that happened in 1795. Another thing to see around this location is the Sint Willibrordus Church; a Roman Catholic Church with a neo-gothic design built in 1888.

If you are not near Porto Mari Beach, there are other stunning beaches in Curacao such as Santa Barbara, Blue Bay, Cas Abao, Jeremi, Koko, Playa Lagun, and many more.

Tour Willemstad

Willemstad, the capital city of Curacao, has been named as a UNESCO Heritage Site. Therefore, you can be sure that there is a lot to do here. The city is divided into two – Otrobanda and Punda. Most Dutch-inspired buildings are located in Otrobanda, making it the best area in the city to visit. You can wander around this place exploring different things, as it is quite safe. While here, you will have a chance to view stunning street art and wonderful architecture. You can also walk through the Queen Emma Bridge, where you will get a chance to watch a glorious sunset, as the sun rays reflect on the clear water.

Learn History at Curacao’s Museums

If you love learning about history, Curacao does not disappoint. The island has a wide array of museums, which are guaranteed to fulfill your thirst for historical knowledge. One such museum is the Curacao Museum, which features a wide collection of art like etches, drawings, glass, and statues. You could also go to the Kura Hulanda, the Slave Museum. Here, you will have a chance to learn about Curacao’s dark history of slave trade. This museum features everything about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, from slave capture in Africa to how they were relocated into their new world. This museum also depicts the effects of the trade to the culture of those living in Curacao.

Explore Klein Curacao

About two hours off the mainland by boat, Klein Curacao is a must visit for anyone looking for an expedition of a lifetime. The first thing that you will notice is its old lighthouse, where you can climb up to enjoy the magnificent view of the island. Many people that visit Curacao do not get to know about this beautiful island, meaning that you will have a large portion of its cool beaches to yourself. The water here is quite clear and comes with a beautiful blue color. A major bonus for you is that the grassy sand bottom of the beach offers a popular feeding area for sea turtles. You cannot afford to miss this magical view.

Go to the Christoffel National Park

Located on the western side of Curacao, the Christoffel National Park has a lot to offer. If you love hiking, there are numerous hiking trials, which come in different difficulties. This provides both experienced and new hikers a chance to enjoy the national park. The highest point of the island is Mt. Christoffel, which offers an outstanding view. If you are not interested in hiking, you can still enjoy the park through jeep tours and horse riding. Picnicking and kayaking are other popular activities in the national park.

Curacao might be a small island, but has a lot to offer. With beautiful beaches, a deep history, museums, parks, and snorkeling spots, there is definitely something for everyone who visits Curacao.

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