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Why is Snorkeling Popular in Curacao?

Curacao is well renowned for its gorgeous beaches, clear emerald water, and beautiful underwater life. As a result, snorkeling has increased in popularity making Curacao one of the best destinations when going for a vacation or a holiday. Its reef proximity to the shore, underwater landscapes and density of sea life are some of the most intriguing features of this beautiful island. You can expect to find several calm snorkeling spots since Curacao is protected from trade winds and open exposure. In this article, we will be looking at some of the reasons why snorkeling is popular in Curacao and a few Snorkeling travel tips to the ABC islands.

1. It Has Clear Water

Most of the Curacao snorkeling is done on clear waters despite its sandy beaches. This is an essential factor to consider when snorkeling as it gives you the best view of underwater life. The left side of the bays provides a better sea life since the winds normally pound on the right side. If you are looking for the best underwater visibility, then you are better off on the left side of the bay.

2. Excellent Depths for Snorkeling

If you enjoy getting lost in the deepest waters searching for new underwater landscapes, then Curacao snorkeling has it all. There are ideal depths for experienced snorkelers in the vast majority of snorkeling spots in the island. As you explore the sea life growing on the sides, you will be snorkeling alongside fossilized coral cliffs and limestone. The seafloor depth only extends to 20 feet as you advance close to the shore.

3. It is Protected from Trade Winds

There are calm snorkeling spots around the island since the Curacao trade winds usually blow from the east. This gives you more adventures during a trip underwater compared to other islands, which are often exposed to strong winds and weather changes. However, it is always important to be careful by planning the details of your snorkeling adventure since wind conditions may switch or change directions.

4. It Has Beautiful Underwater Sights

Snorkeling has become popular in Curacao because of its wonderful underwater sights and great opportunities for snorkeling. During these adventures, you will encounter healthy coral reefs and different types of fish underwater. The cliff walls are packed with more gorgeous and interesting sponges than anywhere else is. If you are looking to explore diverse sea life, then you can always move to the eastern snorkeling spots. The southwestern coastline allows you to explore the captivating shipwrecks, seagrass beds surrounded by sea turtles and the gorgeous coral reefs.

5. Free Snorkeling

All of the snorkeling activities in Curacao can easily be accessed from the beaches, unlike other snorkeling destinations that demand boat trips to the barrier reefs. Furthermore, you can always choose from a number of beautiful sandy beaches. Klein Curacao is one of the gorgeous sandy beaches that can only be accessed by a boat and worth the trip as it offers great snorkeling.

When to go for Snorkeling in Curacao

When you imagine about the beautiful underwater life of Curacao, all you can think about is when you can visit the island and have all the fun. Generally, you can choose to go at any time of the year. The high tourist season usually begins from December through April. However, the best time to visit Curacao for snorkeling is during the month of March and April. Since April is inclined towards the end of the high tourist season, prices tend to be lower and it is a little less busy compared to the previous months.

The rainy season in Curacao usually starts from October to February. May, June, and July are considered the windiest months and the air temperatures average to a daily high of 84 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit. The water temperatures in Curacao are just below 80 degrees Fahrenheit from December through March and tend to rise higher in the subsequent months.

Whether you are an advanced snorkeler or just a beginner, you can always find the best spots for snorkeling in Curacao. The density of sea life will intrigue, as you explore beautiful sea life and healthy coral reefs. The weather can sometimes be unpredictable so it is important to plan your trip earlier to avoid any inconveniences. On overall, snorkeling in Curacao continues to boom in popularity as it provides you with an exciting adventure and a memorable experience as you explore the beautiful underwater landscapes.

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