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Why Snorkeling in Curacao is so popular

Curacao is a home to a rainbow of marine life characterized by beautiful gardens of delicate corals you expect to see when snorkeling. Its density of sea life and diversity sets it apart from other Caribbean destinations. You will also be intrigued by its reef proximity to shore and many underwater landscapes. The massive coral formations portray the island’s volcanic beginnings, as they extend into the depths with deep-water fish that tend to patrol the plunging walls.

There is definitely a lot to see at Curacao, both on the surface and underwater. If you have ever gone snorkeling before, you should not be surprised to see pilot whales migrating, turtles sunning, and dolphins playing. It is one of the best feelings ever and there is no doubt that most people would prefer to extend their stay in Curacao.

What is the Deal with Curacao Snorkeling?

Snorkeling is always fun but there are several reasons why it is so popular in Curacao. Some of them include:

Excellent Snorkeling Depths

The vast majority of beaches in Curacao offer ideal depths for snorkeling. Once you dive deep into the sea, you will be snorkeling alongside fossilized and limestone coral cliffs that allow you to explore the sea life growing on the sides. It gives a wonderful experience for snorkelers because the sea floor never gets much deeper than 20 feet when you are close to the shore.

Super Clear Water

Most of Curacao snorkeling is done in clear water despite the fact that it has most of the sandy beaches. You will find good visibility underwater as long as you stick to the left side of the bay. The main reason behind this theory is that the direction of the wind and waves usually occurs from left to right. Therefore, your visibility on the right will be clouded by sand from the beach. Sea is better when directed on the left side of the bays for the same reason. This is because wind normally pounds the right side of the bays when it kicks up, as a result, damaging the corals.

Free Snorkeling from Beautiful Beaches

Most of the snorkeling in Curacao can be accessed easily from the beaches. It is quite different from other snorkeling destinations, which require boat trips out to the barrier reefs. The most interesting part of Curacao snorkeling is that you have a wide variety of snorkeling destinations to choose from.

Fourteen snorkeling beaches are confirmed to have no entrance fee, which makes it easily accessible for tourists anytime you feel like having fun. Klein Curacao happens to be one of the gorgeous sandy beaches that offer great snorkeling but can only be accessed via a boat. Nevertheless, the experience you get is worth the trip.

Wonderful Underwater Sights

Curacao offers great snorkeling opportunities where you will encounter some healthy coral reefs and different types of fish. The underwater life is a little sparser on most of the beaches on the west end. This provides a good experience for snorkelers because it makes you pay more attention to the smaller details you meet along the way. We discovered more interesting and beautiful sponges along the wall cliffs in Curacao, which makes it better than anywhere else does. Some of the eastern snorkeling spots in Curacao compete for diverse sea life and healthy reefs.

Parking Lot Guards

Curacao has put more efforts to reduce incidences of theft and other petty crimes along the beaches. Although most of these beaches are situated in the rural underdeveloped areas, a majority of the beach parking lots are manned with active security guards. This gives you peace of mind when having fun in the waters because you will not have to worry about your belongings getting lost. This largely contributes to the safety of tourists and, making snorkeling in Curacao so popular.

When to go snorkeling in Curacao

The best months to visit this beautiful place for snorkeling are March and April. Anytime earlier than that is the rainy season here. On the other hand, it gets incredibly windy later than April, making snorkeling a bit complicated. December through April is usually a high tourist season in Curacao. However, you can always visit at any time of the year because the weather does not vary significantly.

Curacao is the place to be for beach lovers, and professional snorkelers. If you are a less experienced snorkeler or less sure on your feet, then this would be the perfect place to start having fun and explore the beautiful marine life.

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